Reversing butt injections? Vanity Wonder's journey

theGRIO REPORT - Vanity Wonder, an exotic dancer-turned-author shined a bright light last year onto the underground market of butt injections in her book Shot Girls...

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Vanity Wonder, an exotic dancer-turned-author shined a bright light last year onto the underground market of butt injections in her book Shot Girls. And now, she‘s planning to take the leap to have her own artificially-enlarged rear reduced in size.

“I want to be able to wear what I want to wear and not have to be so aware,” Wonder says. “I’m having to wear baggy clothes and cover up. I want to be freer.”

After somewhere between 16 and 20 injections [she’s not sure the exact number], Wonder went from wearing a size 1 to not being able to fit her hips and butt into anything less than a size 15.

In her interview with theGrio last year, she described how when she’s out with her two sons, she dresses in size 2X jogging pants and big shirts so she looks fat and not that she has a big butt, lessening the attention.

Yet, today, Wonder assures theGrio that, even as she prepares for a major surgery to reverse her earlier decisions, she still has no regrets.

Not looking back

“People think I should regret what I’ve done,” she says, “And I think that that’s part of the reason I resisted a reduction for so long.”

“I do not regret this. I do not regret anything in my life,” she says. “I feel like [the reduction is] a completion of a journey. I’ve gained so much knowledge.”

Despite last year, when Wonder firmly stated to theGrio that “my butt shots don’t impact anyone who doesn’t live in my house,” she now feels that it may in fact lessen her impact with the younger girls she tries to mentor.

“It’s very hypocritical to say [to them], ‘You’re fine without it, you don’t need it, you don’t need it,’ and then for me to walk around every day with it.”

The surgery

Wonder is currently deciding between two undisclosed plastic surgeons to perform the operation. Her first two injections were of an unknown substance, but the remainder in her hip and butt were silicone.

Is she nervous?

“Anytime a surgery happens, I’m nervous,” she says. “I’ve already accepted whatever my butt looks like when I come out of this. I take full responsibility for these things I’ve done to myself.”

Dr. Robert M. Rey, renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who has performed butt implants as well as removed them, has also removed injected silicone like Wonder’s. But, he says her situation makes surgeons sweat.

“It’s a very major and a very scary procedure,” Rey says. “We can’t get it all out. We scrape as much as we can. But, it’s just a horrible operation. We basically have to filet them open.”

Wonder is looking to select a surgeon who doesn’t have to “cut you and cut it out,” but she’s running into another dilemma. According to Wonder, of the doctors she has spoken to, none have dealt with as much silicone as she has inside her body.

Ultimately, Wonder wants to televise her surgery and her journey as a cautionary tale.

“I want people to see this,” she says. “And if you are going to do it, then do it the safe way.”