Usher’s ‘ugly’ child custody battle back in court

The only “side” to be on in the ongoing Usher Raymond vs. Tameka Raymond saga is the side of the children.

Tameka Raymond had the very unfortunate task of burying 11-year-old son Kile Glover last year after a water sports accident and just earlier this week one of her younger children, Usher Raymond V, was put in the ICU after suffering from injuries due to a tragic pool-related incident while under the care of Usher’s aunt.

Today, Usher and Tameka will head to court for an emergency hearing as Tameka attempts to revise the custody arrangement of her two children with the Grammy-winning singer. Usher was granted full custody in August of 2012 after a contentious set of court proceedings.

Both grown-ups in this situation have resorted to some seemingly petty antics in divorce court.  Usher was accused of sleeping with a bridesmaid and Tameka was accused of yelling at and threatening Usher’s post-marriage girlfriend.  Tameka has asserted numerous times in legal documents, in interviews and via social media that Usher’s celebrity status has made it virtually impossible for her to get a fair hearing in court.

In 2011, Tameka stated that the only reason she filed for sole custody instead of joint custody was in response to Usher’s filing for sole custody.  Today’s emergency hearing will be the first step towards possibly changing Usher’s primary custody status.

According to TMZ, court documents filed  in Fulton County, Georgia, Tameka alleges that Usher is “abdicating his parental responsibilities” by allowing other people to care for their two sons.  Usher’s aunt was watching the Raymonds’ five-year-old son when his arm got stuck in the pool drain and he had to be rescued by contractors working in the house.

When people say a divorce is “ugly,” it’s usually because of squabbling over money or kids or both. That has been the case with the Raymonds, but the ante has been upped due to Usher being a wealthy celebrity.  The general public is used to seeing either joint custody or the mom receiving primary custody. That was not the case here. Did Usher’s celebrity impact that directly, did his wealth afford him superior legal representation or did he simply have a better case, period?

There’s no way to definitively answer that, but given this week’s unfortunate accident with Usher Raymond V, there will likely be a detailed back and forth about parenting responsibilities and abilities.  Celebrity or not, if your job takes you away from home for a significant amount of time, does that automatically make you a “bad” or incapable parent?

No matter the outcome of today’s hearing, the hope is that the Raymond children are taken care of in a loving, safe environment.   Rich or poor, famous or Joe Schmoe, parents have to put aside their grown-up/romantic hurt feelings (no matter how painful or legitimate) and do what is truly in the best interest of the children.

As for Usher Raymond V, he is said to be alert and doing much better.