Obama surrounds himself with Martin Luther King memorabilia in Oval Office

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Today marks 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech before thousands of Americans.

On this day, just as many — if not more — have gathered on the steps of the National Mall to remember and reflect on Dr. King’s speech and the progress the nation has made since, including President Barack Obama.

President Obama delivered his remarks this afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial – but ahead of his speech, the White House has published photos proving that Obama holds King’s legacy close to home.

As an African-American elected to be president of the United States, President Obama acknowledges that Dr. King helped pave the way to his success — and as a daily reminder, Obama displays memorabilia reminding him of Dr. King’s legacy.

From a framed copy of the original program of the March to a bust of Dr. King — click through the photos above, provided by the White House, to see the artifacts Obama has placed around the Oval Office.

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