Sarah Silverman stars in Funny or Die video calling for a ‘Black NRA’

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Irreverent comedian Sarah Silverman appears alongside several comic actors of color (like Deon Cole) in a new Funny or Die video which mocks the National Rifle Association’s position on the right to bear arms.

In the video, Silverman advocates for a “Black NRA” where she says they need to “put guns into the hands of those who need them most… young, black males.”

Several others appear in the video — almost all of whom are African-American — and reiterate the same message.

“Now that I have a gun, I feel safe doing normal, everyday things,” says one man.

“Like wearing a hoodie,” says another. “Or being in Florida.”

The pseduo public service announcement has amassed over 16,000 views so far.

Watch the full video above.

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