Dr. Ben Carson says Obamacare is ‘worst thing since ‘slavery’

Conservative firebrand and recent Fox News hire Dr. Ben Carson became the latest right winger to compare Obamacare to slavery at the Voter Values Summit today.

The president’s signature health care reform law, which has begun expanding nationwide this month, is a favorite punching bag at GOP-friendly events such as these.

Carson, who infamously assailed the legislation right in front of Obama at a prayer breakfast, told summit attendees, “I have to tell you Obamacare is, really I think, the worst thing that’s happened in this nation since slavery.”

“It was never about healthcare, it was about control,” Carson added.

Once widely revered for his brilliance as a neurosurgeon, Carson has since become a polarizing figure because of his political positions.

His recent comments comparing homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia provoked a protest at his alma mater Johns Hopkins University, forcing Carson to withdraw from a pre-planned commencement speech.