President Barack Obama leaves with basketball legend William Felton 'Bill' Russell (C-back) on October 30, 2013 after receiving a private,advance look at the statue honoring Russell, which will be unveiled at a special ceremony on City Hall Plaza on November 1, in Boston, Massachusetts. Obama arrived in Boston to speak on the importance of providing all Americans with quality, affordable health insurance and the experience in Massachusetts, which passed its bipartisan health care law in 2006. AFP Photo/Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

President Barack Obama was caught on camera in a touching, candid moment with NBA legend Bill Russell following the unveiling of his statue in the city of Boston.

Russell played 13 seasons for the Boston Celtics and brought a record 11 titles to Beantown. The Hall of Famer is the first African-American to be honored with his own statue in the city limits.

The president, who has been open about his NBA fandom, embraces Russell, who turns 80 years old this coming February.

Obama first suggested the need for a Russell statue when he presented the iconic player with a Medal of Freedom back in 2011.