Katy Perry: I ‘might have won Wisconsin’ for President Obama

This just in: Katy Perry believes in aliens. But that’s not the only revelation she makes in her new GQ cover interview, where she talks about her relationship with John Mayer, her split from Russell Brand and hercontroversial American Music Awards performance last November, when she appeared as a geisha.

The geisha outfit, she said, was meant in part as homage to Japanese culture — she called the country “the “capital of adorableness” in the magazine’s February issue, where she appears on the cover in full pin-up girl, major-cleavage mode.

But some considered the makeup/kimono combo worn during her performance of “Unconditionally” at the AMAs to be racist.

Perry told the GQ reporter she respected the debate, but disagreed that it was tantamount to singing in blackface. “All I was trying to do is just give a very beautiful performance about a place that I have so much love for and find so much beauty in, and that was exactly where I was coming from, with no other thought besides it,” she said.

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