theGrio’s 100: Jaylen Bledsoe, building a tech empire before the age of 18

Who is Jaylen Bledsoe?

Jaylen Bledsoe is the CEO of a very successful tech company that’s valued at 3.5 million. He’s also only 15 years old.
Why is Jaylen Bledsoe in theGrio’s 100?
While others were playing sports or video games, Bledsoe had his nose in books and more importantly the computer screen. He founded his Missouri based IT consulting company, Bledsoe Technologies LLC at the age of 13.
Now he’s a millionaire, all before he can drive a car legally.
In 2012, the young CEO started with only 5 employees. Since then, multiple corporations came knocking on his door and his team sky rocketed to over 150 employees.
In an interview with the local Fox station,  Bledsoe said he believes his ability to take risks at a young age has been beneficial to his company’s growth.
“As a minor, there’s nothing you can do that will shoot you down for too long. You can always jump back up and keep going,” he told Fox .
What’s next for Bledsoe?
Aside from running a global company, Bledsoe is  involved in school organizations and has aspirations to attend Harvard upon graduation from high school. He plans to study business administration and computer science and eventually earn a law degree with hopes of becoming a copyright attorney.
“It’s an adult world out there,” he told Patch. “We can all do the same things; you have to have the right amount of dedication.”