Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband James Perry welcome a new daughter. (Photo courtesy of Twitter)

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry had a memorable Valentines Day this year, as she welcomed a new addition to her family.

The television host, 40, and her husband, James Perry, welcomed their first child together Friday, via surrogacy, and announced the news on Twitter: “Best Valentine Ever! [James] and I welcomed our daughter yesterday!” Harris-Perry wrote.

In a piece posted on, Harris-Perry shares her journey on how she made her “miracle.”

“It took two families, three states, four doctors, and five attorneys to get this little girl here. And while our gestational carrier has no genetic tie to our little one, she is now our family,” she wrote.

The Melissa Harris-Perry host, who is also the mother to 12-year-old Parker, shared a picture of their newborn daughter donning adorable #Nerdland gear, proving she is a true fan of both mom and the show.

Husband Perry also posted a photo on Twitter showing the couple cradling their new bundle of joy: “Here’s the wonderful Valentine’s day gift that [Melissa] and I received yesterday! A beautiful baby girl,” he wrote.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid filled in for the host this weekend on Melissa Harris-Perry and revealed the exciting news during the final moments of Sunday’s show. She announced that Harris-Perry will be on maternity leave for the next few weeks but that she still plans on staying connected to fans and viewers by engaging them in a new initiative.

On Sunday, Reid announced the launch of the MHP show’s first-ever Nerdland Scholar Challenge on March 17 — a four-week interactive experience themed around Women’s History Month.

“Through daily emails and assignments, Melissa will guide you through an investigation of how motherhood has been intertwined with women’s status as social and political actors, both historically and today,” reads a description on the MHP website.

“Along the way, Melissa will share readings and insights from Ida B. Wells, Jennifer Lawless, Patricia Hill Collins and other scholars and activists to help inform the discussion. Melissa will join participants for discussions on the Nerdland Scholar Challenge group on, and each week she will recognize the most thoughtful comments in response to that week’s featured assignment.”

For more information on the challenge and to sign up, click here.

Here are more photos of MHP and her new bundle of joy:

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