Joy Reid

An intelligence analyst and U.S. Navy veteran who often appeared on MSNBC has joined the fight against Russia in Ukraine. 
/ April 19, 2022
Joy Reid / theGrio
MSNBC’s Joy Reid took to Twitter Thursday to respond to Laura Ingraham’s rant about the U.S.  sanctioning Russian oligarchs amid
/ March 4, 2022
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed last year is President Joe Biden’s biggest bipartisan achievement. The $1 trillion deal
/ January 21, 2022
Many Republicans who are opposed to national voting rights protections shared messages lauding the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King
/ January 18, 2022
MSNBC host Joy Reid criticized the six conservative Supreme Court justices who voted against President Joe Biden‘s federal mandate issued
/ January 14, 2022
On her MSNBC program, The ReidOut, host Joy Reid and several doctors tried to convince a guest to get vaccinated
/ January 11, 2022
A new HBO docuseries highlighting racial disparities in missing persons cases across the country is receiving praise on Twitter for
/ November 27, 2021