Jacque Reid: Breastfeeding mothers can assert their right to ‘pump’ in the workplace

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From the May 2012 TIME magazine cover to Pope Francis’ declaration of support for public breastfeeding, the topic of how and where women should feed their children has solidified itself as a hot-button issue in recent years.

Sexualization of the female body has left mothers unable to make an individual decision without the influence of societal input.

Mothers can no longer breastfeed in public without being met with discomfort and, in some cases, dismissal from changing rooms and other private spaces. Likewise, a mother’s decision or inability to breastfeed is often met with scrutiny.

I recently sat down with journalist, author and nationally recognized breastfeeding commentator Kimberley Seals Allers to discuss the sociopolitical implications of the breastfeeding controversy and how breastfeeding mothers can assert their right to ‘pump’ in the workplace.

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