Mocha Mama’s Milk is a virtual breastfeeding support group launched to promote breastfeeding among Black mothers in South Carolina.
/ April 21, 2022
baby pampers
Couple Krystal and Patrick Duhaney secretly placed $1K in baby products throughout Target stores in southern California.
/ May 28, 2021
Tika Sumpter Thai Randolphi black mothers breastfeeding
Tika Sumpter and entertainment exec Thai Randolph are behind an event to encourage and support breastfeeeding for black mothers.
/ August 11, 2020
All Tabetha Tyndale wanted was a private place to pump breast milk for her 10-month old son at her job as a nurse at the Extended Managed Long term care, a Staten Island home health care company. Instead Tyndale, 30, was let go just because of the simple request. On Sept 5, Tyndale reached an agreement with her previous employee for an estimated $255,000 pay out and the victory is heard by breast feeding mothers all over America.
/ September 13, 2019
Black breastfeeding week is dedicated to African American mothers, families and health advocates to focus on public policies needed in our community.
/ August 30, 2019
Marjorie Harvey's instagram post is an important lesson about breastfeeding. (Marjorie Harvey_Instagram)
Marjorie Harvey was recently forced to defend a video which should have sparked high-fives and fist bumps.
/ January 25, 2019
steve Harvey
Social media footage of the granddaughters of Steve and Marjorie Harvey pretending to breastfeed drew backlash, but the grandmother quickly clapped back
/ January 16, 2019