Dreamville rapper Bas talks "Last Winter" and Sudanese roots

Have you heard of Bas?

The son of Sudanese parents and a Queens native is the first signee underneath Carolina’s own J.Cole label imprint, Dreamville Records, and simply put, he’s got next.

Considering one of his best friends is his boss, the hands-on criticism is appreciated and welcomed.

“He’s seen my growth from the beginning and saw that I had potential pretty quick,” Bas said. “That type of feedback Cole gives is different because he’s already there at the top. He just said keep going. Keep rapping. And here we are.”

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Raised in Paris until the age of eight, Bas’ world views are expanded compared to the average rapper, and it’s reflected in his craft.

“I’m one of five siblings, and my older brother, DJ Moma, from an early age exposed me to French house music,” Bas said. “My parents would let me hear some Sudanese music… pretty much anything when I was growing up.”

Check out the #Fiends rapper’s latest project Last Winter and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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