Bobbi Kristina lashes out at Angela Bassett over Whitney Houston biopic

theGRIO VIDEO - Bobbi Kristina lashes out at Angela Bassett after learning that she was not considered to star as Whitney Houston in the Lifetime movie that Bassett is set to direct...

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is furious over the upcoming Lifetime biopic about her iconic mother’s life.

The 21-year-old had some harsh words for Angela Bassett, who recently gave an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s correspondent Nina Terrero discussing the TV movie which she’s set to begin directing later this year.

During her wide-ranging interview, Bassett opened up about her decision to cast Yaya DaCosta to play Whitney Houston and said the thought of casting Bobbi Kristina to star as Whitney never crossed her mind.

“I did not think about casting her. And probably for a number of reasons, you know. One being that she’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft,” Bassett said.

Bobbi Kristina took to Twitter, delivering what many are calling a tasteless response to Bassett’s remarks.

“Ha MsAng ‘bassketcase’ has such a damn nerve my lord, at least the world doesn’t mistake me for the wrong sex…she has some #XtraEquipment.”

She added, “When I win my first Grammy or Oscar, *Shrugs* hmm whichever comes 1st, I’ll be sure 2shout URname out b-tch! Hah UrTestResults = Male. Lmao.”

In an interview with theGrio, Terrero says that Bassett made her remarks about Bobbi Kristina “without a hint of malice.”

“Angela is one of the sweetest women in Hollywood. This is her directorial debut. She’s a well-established actress, but she has everything to lose with this film,” said Terrero.

Bassett stands by the statements that she made to Entertainment Weekly and in fact shared the interview on Twitter with her followers.

Pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands now, and head over to to read Bassett’s full interview.

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