NBC's Tamron Hall talks rap song dedicated to her and love for Texas hip-hop

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Last week, rapper Your Old Droog released a track dedicated to TODAY and MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall called “On The News.”

The song was above average and good enough to get a response from Hall. The former Temple grad turned anchor thanked the relatively unknown Droog via Twitter.

Rapper Old Droog pens rap for MSNBC’s Tamron Hall

TheGrio caught with up Hall to discuss “On The News” and her love for Texas rap:

TheGrio – How did you hear about Droog’s “On The News” dedicated to you?

Tamron Hall – My producers told me about it over the weekend. I had them prescreen it for me (laughs) and of course in begins with profanity. But it was good.

TG – Oh, so you were a fan of it?

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Hall – Definitely. Most people don’t know I listen to a lot of hip-hop.

TG- So what’s on a Today Show anchor’s playlist?

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Hall– I’m from Dallas, Texas. So it’s alot of old school UGK, Bun B and of course Scarface.

TG – At one point in time, the internet swirled with rumors that Your Old Droog was actually an alias for Nas.

Hall – I heard that too! If it is, then it makes sense. My team and I were supposed to catch his next show here in New York City.

TG – Any words for the man behind the words?

Hall – Yes, I enjoyed “On The News,” but I just would like a clean version so I could play it for my nieces (laughs).

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