Tavis Smiley slams Obama's BET interview: Stop the lecture

Mr. President, you hurt Tavis Smiley’s feelings again.

Smiley wasn’t a fan of President Obama’s interview on BET. Monday night, speaking to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, Smiley said “black folk” didn’t need a “lecture on Black Entertainment Television.”

Smiley said Obama was wrong to tell African-Americans that “these things take time.” Smiley also told Hannity he didn’t appreciate the president’s refusal to acknowledge comparisons between today’s racial tension and the events plaguing America 50 years ago.

“Tell that to the parents of these kids who are being gunned down in America’s streets,” Smiley shouted. “It is open season on black men, and it is in many ways as bad as it was 50 years ago.”

Watch President Obama’s interview with BET below: