A close look at Lebron James' shoes at Smoothie King Center on December 12, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In September, LeBron James introduced his new LeBron 12 shoes at the Nike World Headquarters, bragging about their “speed, power, and precision.”

Apparently, an employee  in a Nike facility in Memphis, Tennessee, took those claims so seriously he decided to stage a bold, albeit ill-fated, heist.

According to the Cleveland Scene, Nike employee Charles Jennings stole a trailer of about 7,500 pairs of the shoes —at $200-$250 a pair, that’s about $1 million dollars worth of sneakers. Because Memphis is a distribution hub for both Nike and FedEx, a cargo task force of FBI agents, US Marshalls, and city and county police officers work around the clock solving crimes just like this one.

Jennings was quickly apprehended because he used his own I.D. to leave the Nike facility with the truck full of sneakers, which he apparently intended to sell. Out of 7,500 pairs reported stolen, the Memphis Cargo Task Force located 6,800. Which means there are 700 pairs in circulation. Chances are they will most likely end up on eBay.