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After constantly getting dragged by the British media for the last few years, this week video surface that shows Meghan Markle on the verge of tears during a rare interview for an upcoming ITV documentary.
Isaiah Payton's mother was having a difficult time taking care of him after he was paralyzed in a shooting, but thanks to the NBA legend's generosity, they now have a home which will make it easier
Trina and Trick Daddy, who have a history of hip-hop collaboration are taking their work to the airwaves on a Miami-area morning show early next year

The 2020 presidential candidate reads to his significant other from novels they pick in order to keep their romance going
The actress, who is joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, included her ex-husband Mark Nilon in a birthday message to her twin sons, indicating the two are getting on much better than they were years ago
Eric Holder's lawyers say two counts of attempted murder against him fall outside of legal parameters that focus on his intent to kill two others he's accused of shooting

The daytime show host admitted to her new show's audience that she was once linked to a college boyfriend's cocaine sale scheme, but denies having been a drug dealer
After recovering from a heart attack, the Vermont senator has reportedly won the support of three members of 'The Squad' of freshman congresswomen
An art teacher thought painting a bullet wound on a child's forehead was a harmless idea, but his mother understands the implications

Harvard research shows that dark complexioned Blacks are have a higher likelihood of being imprisoned and explores why
Ta’Mya Bulger, 13, is a middle school renaissance kid, playing football, soccer and basketball while winning her school's homecoming crown
The actress says her former 'All of Us' co-star Duane Martin caused a rift between her and her ex-husband that led to the end of her marriage
The Duke of Sussex became emotional when talking about his experience becoming a parent over the past year
The toddler who went viral gazing at a portrait of Michelle Obama now has a new kids' book and she can't wait for everyone to enjoy it.
Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman is giving actress Gina Rodriguez a pass for getting into trouble for singing the N-word on her IG explaining that it's ok since she's Puerto Rican.
Over six months after his death, there's been a major development in regards to guardianship of Nipsey Hussle's children.
The Time frontman and His Royal Badness had beefs on the set of 'Purple Rain' and were often in competition, he says
The actress says she believes in love, but feels she'll attract a better situation for herself if she focuses inward rather than waiting for love
OPINION: Gina Rodriguez's racial tone deafness, buttressed by weaponized weeping, has become tiring and it's become pointless to find defenses for her
At the Elle Women in Hollywood awards, the filmmaker and writer spoke life into the name of Atatiana Jefferson, who was killed by a Fort Worth police officer performing a welfare check