Traditionally, the role of ring bearer is awarded to some cute innocent little tyke in the bride or groom’s family. Aside from a few “Aw!” moments from the crowd, it’s an adorable yet fairly unremarkable part of most weddings.

Until now.

On Sunday, a Redditor user by the name of “lucid_scheme” posted the above picture from his friends Bobby and Shanna Lockhart’s wedding in Lubbock, Texas, writing:

A friend of mine had his wedding today. The Best Man is asked for the rings, the groom holds his hand out and the Best Man plays the “I don’t have them” card. Everyone checks pockets…and no one has the rings. Then…this guy rolls in.

The wedding crasher on roller skates is Quis, one half of the Instagram duo DQ4E — showcasing a now infamous move he calls “Superman Drawls.” Don’t worry — he also happens to be a friend of the groom, and the whole thing was an intentional giggle for everyone in the crowd.