When Ebony Magazine compiled its “Google’s Top-Trending Black Actresses of 2014,” they made it clear that they weren’t too fond of Stacey Dash.

The magazine writes:

Her conservative, clueless political slant sparked controversy time after time this year, making Dash notoriously trendy for all the wrong reasons.

Thursday, on her Fox News show Outnumbered, Dash spoke to her co-hosts about the slight, at one point brazenly stating, “I’m from the South Bronx, bring it!”

The next day, the panel discussed the high incidence of American families with children receiving government aid. During that segment, the actress turned GOP pundit again had some strong views — calling the children of those families the “Democratic party’s new version of slavery.”

Dash went on to say

I am a believer in the American dream. But as long as you are told where you have to live, what you have to eat, what you have to wear, where you have to go to school, you will never know the true meaning of expression. And the power and value of  self achievement. You’ll never know what that is.

Her plea seemed impassioned but light on facts or substance.  When co-host Harris Faulkner asked Dash, “What would you say to somebody who would argue that so many of these children might be needing these programs and so you would be leaving them behind if you didn’t shore them up?”

Dash blankly stated, “You educate them. You support them and you give them a certain amount of time, you don’t just keep giving it to them.”

Her vagueness wasn’t lost on her Faulkner, who then deftly moved on to co-host Melissa Francis for a more compelling response.

Watch the video below.