Fox News guest turns tables on interview about racism

Questions about perpetuating racism don’t always go so well.

Fox News host Eric Bolling found that out firsthand when he asked a guest what “we” as a nation are doing to perpetuate racism.

Bolling’s guest for the segment, Jasmyne Cannick, answered without missing a beat.

“Well, first of all, many of the shows on this very network help perpetuate the racism that exists in America, so we can start there,” Cannick said.

“How?” Bolling fired back. “Don’t lob a grenade at me without telling me how.”

Bolling was filling for Bill O’Reilly on Friday night’s O’Reilly Factor. 

Cannick, who bills herself as a “social commentator on pop culture, politics and race who has cultivated a national following,” didn’t back down:

Look, you asked me a question about how do we change [racism] and is there hope? There is hope, as long as people want to be honest about it and they want to honestly make the changes that need to be made. And those changes include looking at the criminal justice system, looking at our educational system, looking at what are the barriers that keep blocking brown people from being hired in this country. We need to have honest discussions about all of that and make policy changes that include all of us so that we also can become a part of the one percent.

Bolling’s response?

“I hear what you’re saying […] I think that’s exactly what’s going on.”