Last night, the eyes of the social media world were squarely on President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union Address. This time, it was the president’s quick wit that inspired some of the most hilarious tweets, memes and videos posted online.

During his address to Congress, President Obama said, “I’ve run my last campaign,” which drew sarcastic applause from Republicans in the chamber. Clearly annoyed, Obama snapped back with, “I know because I won both of them.”  That quip created loud cheers and laughter from Democrats and sent shockwaves throughout the social media world.

Here are some of the funniest postings we’ve found on that moment and others from the #SOTU. Enjoy!

"I know, because I won both of them" #POTUS #SOTU

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I can't clap but I want to

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😂😂😂 #SOTU

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