Vogue crowns Zendaya 'breakout style star' as backlash towards Giuliana Rancic continues

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Giuliana Rancic may think Zendaya Coleman looks like she smells of “patchouli oil or maybe weed,” but Vogue would beg to differ and predicts she’s a tastemaker on the rise.

This week, the fashion juggernaut crowned the young entertainer as the Academy Awards’ Breakout Style Star.

According to Vogue

Oh, what a difference a serious red-carpet moment can make! If you didn’t know who Zendaya was before tuning into the 87th Annual Academy Awards tonight, well, you will now: The lissome and lovely Disney actress and pop singer caused a stir on the red carpet in a figure-hugging ivory-toned Vivienne Westwood slip of a goddess gown, replete with flowing dreadlocks: one part Lisa Bonet, one partVenus de Milo, and all very grown up (which is to say, all very un-Disney). We’ll be keeping our eye on you, Zendaya.

As people applaud Coleman’s eloquent rebuttal to the hurtful comments made about her on last night’s episode of Fashion Police, Rancic continues to receive backlash from her viewers.

Even her co-star, Kelly Osbourne, is attempting to steer clear of the vitriol coming her way, reminding people that she’s Zendaya’s friend.

Though Rancic tweeted an apology earlier, we’re curious to see if she will address her faux pas on air during tonight’s broadcast of E! News.