White teen has her black boyfriend arrested as prank

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For the last several months, the epidemic of black men being unlawfully detained and often times fatally shot by police officers has been a constant headline in the news.

It has also been a source of epic grief and growing racial tension.

But one teenage girl in Palmdale, California, decided to use this hot button issue as inspiration to ask her boyfriend out to prom.

This week, a young woman, who goes by the name “Salty Stephanie” on Twitter, arranged to have her black boyfriend arrested by a real police officer as a way of asking him to their prom. Then she posted pictures of her prank (along with a heart emoji and the laughing hysterically emoji) to illustrate how funny — and romantic — it is to have an unarmed black man arrested for no reason.


To make matters worse (or better, depending on how you feel about this), she made sure to do it during school hours so all his friends and teachers could see him in handcuffs.

Her boyfriend, Davyeon, put on a brave face and smiled when she finally appeared with a sign asking him out to the prom. But one can’t help but wonder what he was thinking in the moments before that.

We certainly hope that when his parents find out what happened, they have a long talk with him not only about what he should do if the police really do detain him — but maybe also about getting a new girlfriend.

As if this story wasn’t disheartening enough, Salty Stephanie’s peers think the whole charade was great and are now defending her actions on social media.



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