Texas radio host on McDonald's brawl video: "Black people don’t think black lives matter"

Conservative Texas talk show host Michael Berry is using reports about a young girl being attacked by multiple teen girls inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s on Wednesday as proof that black people are inherently violent “savages.”

During a segment on his show this week, Berry says:

White people don’t walk into a McDonald’s, and four, five, six, seven, eight, 10 of them beat the snot out of somebody for minutes on end. While everybody else cheers, hoots, hollers, and films it. WorldStar.

He also makes reference to comedian Chris Rock’s 1997 routine Black People vs Ni**az:

Chris Rock has made very clear there are different types of black people. And the general manager at your company, who’s black and a super-nice guy, doesn’t want to live amongst that either.

It’s worth mentioning that the comedian told 60 Minutes in 2005, “I’ve never done that joke again, ever, and I probably never will,” because he’d realized how racists liked to quote it for their benefit.

But Berry maintains that there are certain black people that pose a danger to everyone, citing Trayvon Martin among those ranks:

We can’t deny the influence that this subculture is having on our society. You can go and hide behind your gates. Y’all can hire a guard at night,” he said. “But eventually, a Trayvon Martin’s going to come walking through your yard, at night, on suspension from school. Because his dad has a good job, and he lives there. And he lives in a world of thuggery, and his dad doesn’t. That’s actually — that was the case there. But he was a thug, who went to school with other thugs.

Listen to Berry’s remarks below.