White parents demand apology for school’s Black History Month event

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Thursday morning, Fox News’ morning show “Fox & Friends” interviewed two white Virginia parents, Rebecca and Charles, who are outraged because their 8-year-old daughter’s school district held a Black History Month event.

The point of contention for the parents was how blatantly the gathering seemed to show support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other protests that have been making headlines over the past several months.

“Everywhere that we looked were students, high school students, wearing shirts that said ‘Black Lives Matter, I Can’t Breathe,” said Rebecca. “As I was flipping through my program, it had ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.’”

Charles wanted to yank his daughter from the auditorium immediately, but his wife thought it best to at least let her stay long enough to sing with her school’s choir — but then, things (in her mind) went from bad to even worse.

“Students started coming out on stage saying things like, ‘I’m from Ferguson, Missouri. I was told to put my hands up. I did and I was shot seven times. My name is Michael Brown,’” Rebecca recalled. “I immediately realized that this was not something that was a good idea for my daughter to be seeing.”

After the assembly, Rebecca and Charles’ daughter asked why cops shoot “good people”— a conversation that Charles just wasn’t ready to have. The parents are outraged that they were put into a position to speak to their child about racism and are now seeking an apology.

No, we are not making this up.

Watch the segment for yourself below.