This 'Empire' parody video will have you in tears

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Now that Empire has catapulted its way into television history, boasted $16.7 million viewers for its finale episode and managed to beat out Madonna for a #1 debut on the Billboard charts, some of you may be going through a bit of Lyons family withdrawal.

Luckily, the folks over at YouTube’s comedy channel All Def Digital have provided Cookie fans all over the internet with a parody that is sure to make you chuckle. The video was initially posted 2 months ago, but it’s even more relevant since Fox drama’s season finale.

The spoof makes fun of some of our favorite elements (and most glaring side-eyes) from the first season of Fox’s runaway hit. The actors playing Lucious and Andre point out how ridiculous the storylines are, Jamal pokes fun at how Lee Daniels uses his character’s sexuality to draw in “a large demographic,” and there’s even a few jokes about the show’s gratuitous use of dramatic “light skinned people.”

Our fave moment is when they point out how Taraji has supposedly been in jail for 17 years but looks exactly the same age in all her flashbacks.

Check out the SNL-worthy skit above.