Derek Fisher's wife ‘blindsided’ by former NBA star’s divorce filing

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According to reports, the wife of Knicks coach Derek Fisher says she was “blindsided” when the former NBA star filed for divorce last month.

Candace Fisher claims her husband refused to answer her calls and texts for nearly two weeks and had been blowing off their kids for several days — before dropping the divorce bomb.

The Fishers were married in February 2005 and have twin 8-year-old children; Tatum and Drew.

One month after the couple celebrated their 10th anniversary, Fisher allegedly removed all of his clothing, personal items and computers from the pair’s New York home, stopped taking his wife’s calls and then filed for divorce on March 18th.

When asked by the New York Post after Saturday’s practice if his personal issues have made it even more daunting during this 14-62 season, Fisher said,

I don’t think what goes on personally with guys really has anything to do with how you do your job. I’ve seen what other players and people have gone through personally, and when you come to work there’s a separation. Everybody goes through things. That really has nothing to do with my job. So I haven’t found it more challenging to still show up to work every day and do what I need to do. Everyone faces adversity, so it doesn’t change my approach.

According to court documents, the 40-year-old head coach, who won five NBA championships during his stint as a player, also wants to keep the twins in New York to live and attend school, even though all of their family, friends and schoolmates are in L.A.