Wheelchair-bound woman with no legs wins treadmill on ‘The Price is Right’

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Tuesday, Danielle Perez’s appearance on The Price is Right seemed like a dream come true as she made her way on stage to meet with host Drew Carey.

However, when the curtain came up on the prize she was competing for, things quickly turned awkward.

Perez, who is a comedian, has been in a wheelchair since 2004 after losing her legs in an accident and yet found herself in the precarious position of competing to win a treadmill.

Watch the awkward moment unfold below:

[youtubevid video=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5m1z06Hg-3o” id=”5m1z06Hg-3o” w=”640″ h=”360″]

Perez’s cringe-worthy win was quickly posted on YouTube and garnered plenty of reaction on social media.


But Perez herself is taking this in stride with her usual humor.

“Everyone at CBS seemed genuinely excited for me that I won.” she later told CNN, although the awkward pause from the audience when they realized what was happening was later edited out of the show.

“I kept thinking that it was a really big joke,” she said with a laugh. “But there was no irony in their cheers or applause.”

Perez says that once she receives her treadmill she plans to do what most do with exercise equipment — use it like a piece of furniture.