CNN panel explodes: Marc Lamont Hill slams female conservative for being 'sexist' comments

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Monday morning, CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill and Tara Setmayer got into a heated debate over Hillary Clinton, which quickly devolved into accusations of sexism — from both sides.

Setmayer sparked the disagreement by claiming Clinton is only a viable candidate for president because of her husband. “Her strong point is that her last name is Clinton and that she has a husband that people adore,” the conservative pundit opined.

“Oooh,” Hill replied. “That is sexist.”

From that point on, a dispute ensued over Clinton’s accomplishments as Senator and then Secretary of State. Setmayer dismissed Clinton’s personal accomplishments as negligible, a stance that left Hill visibly shocked.

“To say that the secretary of state and former senator has nothing going for her but her last name to me reeks of sexism,” Hill rebutted.

Later in the discussion, Setmeyer cited Bureau of Labor Statistics data about female unemployment rates to poke holes in Clinton’s brand as a champion of women. When Hill interjected that she was mischaracterizing the data, Setmayer then called him sexist for suggesting she couldn’t interpret government statistics.

“I’m not saying it because you’re a woman,” Hill clarified. “I’m saying it because you’re wrong. There are many women who get this right. YOU just happen to be wrong.”

Watch the clip below.