Frustrated substitute teacher takes out the belt, whips middle schoolers

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Monday, Prince George’s County Public Schools officials responded to new video that shows a substitute teacher using a belt on students in a classroom.

Friday afternoon, a group of boys fighting in their classroom got the shock of their lives when their frustrated teacher took off his belt and started hitting them with it.

After footage of the incident surfaced, MyFoxDC reports that the Gwynn Park Middle School employee has since been pulled from the classroom.

Watch a full report on the belt incident below:

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In the clip, chairs and desks are overturned, and terrified students flee while the teacher screams “Clean up this room!”

One girl is so shocked she almost runs right into the cell phone camera that is recording the altercation.

In a statement released this week, school officials assure parents that law enforcement is now involved.

On Friday, May 15, a substitute teacher used improper actions to discipline students while in one of our classes at Gwynn Park Middle School. The substitute teacher has been removed from the classroom and the matter has been referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Prince George’s County Public Schools does not condone this type of behavior and it is not representative of the level of professionalism and respectful conduct of the team at the school. PGCPS works to create a respectful and safe environment for all students and staff.

Despite corporal punishment being banned in 31 states, Children’s Defense Fund reported that, in 2014, 838 children were hit on average each day in schools.

It is unclear what charges, if any, will be brought against the unidentified teacher.