Little girl throws epic tantrum at the White House in front of President Obama

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Sometimes, a girl’s just got to throw a tantrum … even if she’s at the White House.

In a hilarious picture taken by White House photographer Pete Souza, little Claudia Chaudhary can be seen throwing herself onto the carpet in the White House and having a pound-the-floor tantrum.

In the shot, the president can be seen looking to the camera with a defeated expression as he gestures at the girl, while the First Lady looks on beside Claudia’s uncle and mother.

The moment was captured during a White House Passover dinner celebration, which Claudia’s Uncle Benjamin, a New York Times writer, and her mother Laura had attended.

Although the event took place in April, Benjamin and Laura shared the images on Thursday, and that’s when they began to make the rounds of the internet.

As hundreds of people on Twitter shared the picture, Laura noted that, for them, this particular White House tantrum was “just one of ten tantrums that hour.”

It is unclear whether Claudia was present for the actual dinner with the president and First Lady for that evening.

At the annual event, dinner was served with chicken soup with matzoh balls, beef brisket with sautéed onions and radishes and roasted sweet potatoes. Dessert consisted of a triple chocolate cake and a selection of macaroons.