Family members beat 14-year-old girl impregnated by relative, dispose of her stillborn

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Police say a 14-year-old Texas girl was impregnated and sexually assaulted by one of her relatives and was later beaten by other family members when they discovered the pregnancy.

The young girl was beaten in a Pleasant Grove home in Dallas until she delivered a stillborn child, and the baby’s body was then burned on a charcoal grill and disposed of, reports WFAA.

The victim was assaulted multiple times between January and March 2013 but did not report the assault because she was “embarrassed.” However, things only got worse when she discovered that she was pregnant, and family members attempted to force her to abort the baby. They gave her “multiple doses” of birth control, emergency contraception and cinnamon pills. When that did not work, they beat her until she delivered the stillborn child.

Watch a full report on the disturbing assault below:

Cedric Jones, 27, Sharon Jones, 45, Cecilia McDonald, 25 and Lonnell McDonald, 27, have all been charged with “engaging in organized criminal activity” for their role in the assault and later cover-up.

Sharon Jones allegedly gave the victim birth control pills in an attempt to force an abortion, while the McDonalds are accused of the six-hour assault, in which Cecilia allegedly pinned her down while Lonnell “repeatedly bounced up and down” on the girl.

“You ain’t about to get my kids taken away from me,” Cecilia McDonald allegedly told the victim. Allegedly, there was concern that if proof got out of the sexual abuse the victim had endured, child services would step in.

After the assault, Cedric Jones was allegedly paid $25 to “take care of the rest of it” by disposing of the baby’s body, which had been already burned on a charcoal grill as part of the cover-up.

All four adults were arrested, charged with engaging in criminal activity and are each being held on $150,000 bond.