Ohio voters rejected a measure that would’ve made it more difficult to change the state’s constitution before a Fall referendum on abortion.
/ August 8, 2023
On the ballot is Issue 1, a proposal to raise the threshold for passing changes to the state’s constitution from a simple majority to 60%.
/ August 8, 2023
Advocates for abortion rights in Africa took a hit when the U.S. Supreme Court ended the national right to an abortion a year ago.
/ July 2, 2023
The Supreme Court’s decision granted state governments the power to execute their own abortion legislation. 
/ June 24, 2023
Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., unveiled new legislation intended to safeguard against Republican-led restrictions on abortion rights. 
/ June 23, 2023
A man who didn’t want his girlfriend to get an abortion fatally shot her during a confrontation in a Dallas parking lot,
/ May 14, 2023
U.S. Supreme Court thegrio.com
Almost a year after the Supreme Court repealed Roe v. Wade, let’s review the history of the case as well as its repeal and the fallout.
/ May 1, 2023