Minnesota man says he was fired for tweet about lynching President Obama, denies racism

When President Obama set up his official POTUS Twitter account, he drew plenty of support and lots of fans.

But he also drew lots of criticism and even some racist comments, according to a KARE 11 report.

One Minnesota man was investigated by the U.S. Secret Service for his hateful tweets, and a story in the New York Times this week published some of them. He now says he’s been fired from his job at a Lexus dealership.

Jeff Gullickson tweeted at President Obama, tweeting:

Hope to see you hang soon you treasonous fraud.

He also tweeted an image of President Obama with a noose around his neck, which he captioned: “we need ‘ROPE FOR CHANGE’ we still hang for treason don’t we?”

Gullickson maintains that he was not actually threatening the president. But he does have one regret.

“My only regret is being called racist when my opinion of the president has more to do with [Obama] being a communist as opposed to being black.”

Gullickson is considering legal action.

His manager at Lexus of Wayzata, Robert Katz, says that the tweets were not why Gullickson was fired. He declined to give the ‘real reason.’