Sheryl Underwood emotionally slams the Duggars for "rationalizing" sexual assault

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Wednesday, 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar broke their silence in an interview with Fox News.

In the sit down with Megyn Kelly, the couple repeatedly justified the revelation that their son had molested several young girls, including his sisters — without prosecution

The next day, The Talk host Sheryl Underwood, who is a survivor of sexual abuse, had an emotional response to the family and anyone who agreed with their views.

“I went through that [at] 3, 4, 5 years old … you know something is wrong and if nobody listens to you and nobody is going to stop it whether I’m asleep or not. I didn’t sleep. I learned how to stay up as long as I could. I may sleep at school, because nobody is going to protect me, so I had to protect myself,” she said.

During their interview with Kelly, the Duggars made sure to state that, “As parents, you aren’t mandatory reporters,” also noting that Josh “was still a kid and he was still a juvenile. He wasn’t an adult … This wasn’t rape or anything like that.”

Underwood believes that explanation is unacceptable.

Speaking to her cohosts, she clarified, “Aisha, you said that it didn’t help [the Duggars] to do this interview. What it really did was it helped us, the world, to see what happens to people when they’re in some type of family structure when the people you’re supposed to trust to protect you seem to be your co-conspirator in your violation.”

Check out the heartfelt exchange below.