Prison boss arrested for having sex with inmate who cleaned his office

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Delaware State Police have charged the chief of security at the state’s only women’s prison with two counts of sexual relations in a detention facility and one count of official misconduct after it was discovered that he had sex with a female inmate.

According to detectives, the 27-year-old inmate would often clean Fred Way III’s office. She admitted to a female detective that she had not had “attention in a long time so she liked it.” She said that things progressed from kissing to more intimate contact until she began to disappear from security camera view for sexual acts.

Once, she gave Way oral sex and was out of sight for nine minutes. Two days later, she admitted that they had intercourse “really quick.” She was out of sight for three minutes.

After intercourse, the inmate dressed and opened the door again, at which point she resumed cleaning the office.

Even the act of closing the door and being alone with an inmate was forbidden for Way, unless there was a clear threat to safety involved.

According to the Department of Corrections, Way was suspended with pay on June 19, but following his arrest on Tuesday, his status was changed to suspended without pay.

His hearing is set for July 22.