prison reform

Ricky Godfrey California
America’s first penitentiary was established in Philadelphia in 1790, and this is where the nation’s first solitary confinement cells were
/ June 10, 2022
La. Gov. John Bel Edwards,
Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is expected to sign a bill into law that will provide parole eligibility to
/ May 31, 2022
On Tuesday, the House of Representatives in Georgia cleared the way for a bill that would give exonerated former inmates
/ March 17, 2022
Judge Wooden gavel on the table of judge with american flag and black chair
A 74-year-old Nashville woman and her late boyfriend have been exonerated for the rape and murder of her great-niece after
/ January 16, 2022
Montoyae Dontae Sharpe
Montoyae Dontae Sharpe, who spent 24 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, was pardoned on Friday.
/ November 14, 2021
More than 100 federal prison workers have been arrested, convicted or sentenced for crimes since the start of 2019, including
/ November 14, 2021
prison jail
A shocking new report reveals that Wisconsin, the midwestern state with a population made of less than 7% African American
/ October 16, 2021