HIV-positive former officer charged for lying about status and having unprotected sex with 6 women

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According to deputies, a Florida man has been accused by six women of not disclosing the fact that he was HIV-positive before having unprotected sex.

Former Greenacres police officer Ervans Saintclair discovered he was HIV-positive in 2007 and has allegedly had unprotected sex with multiple women since then, including group sex on at least one occasion.

In January 2014, three women came forward to file complaints which led to his arrest. Now, three more women have come forward. One of the newest victims says that when she confronted Saintclair about his status, he laughed it off as a false rumor started by a bitter ex.

According to The Sun-Sentinel, another victim alleges Saintclair repeatedly assured her he was “good” when they discussed sexually transmitted diseases, and she only came forward after seeing the media coverage below.

Following his first arrest, Saintclair was placed on administrative leave from the Greenacres Police Department but was terminated last summer, says department spokesman Lt. Brady Myers.

He is now being held at Palm Beach County Jail on $15,000 bail and faces six counts of uninformed HIV-infected sexual intercourse. His trial set to begin in November.

It remains unclear if any of the women contracted the virus from him.