After more than 50 years as a member, a 92-year-old Georgia woman claims she was kicked out of her congregation because the church believes she didn’t tithe enough.

According to WALB-TV, Josephine King received a letter from Bainbridge’s First African Baptist Church stating that she was “no longer considered a member” because she was unable to maintain “constant and consistent financial and physical participation.”

King’s poor attendance was due to an illness, which left her shut-in for several months and unable to make it to weekly service.

The letter, which was signed by Senior Pastor Derrick Mike, didn’t show much compassion or concern for her special circumstances.

King’s nephew says he was stunned and disappointed by the dismissal.

“You have to have money to make these churches run, but it’s not about money,” Gerald Simmons told the station. “It’s about God. You have to put God first.”