Father saves family from house fire, goes back in for his slab of BBQ ribs

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A Fresno, California, man was up at 3a.m cooking ribs in his kitchen when he noticed a fire at his neighbor’s apartment and sprang into action.

Tuesday morning, Robin Wright ran through his complex to grab his wife and child to save them from the flames taking over their building.

After the incident, he gave an interview to California TV news station KMPH, where he admitted he ran back into his home to retrieve one more prized possession — his giant slab of BBQ ribs.

“The only thing I think first is, ‘make sure them ribs is right’ and ran over and got my family, man,” he told the station. “I got my kid [and wife] first, then I thought about my ribs, I didn’t want to let the ribs burn, I take pride in what I do, man.”

Wright says the only reason he was up that early in the morning is because he was hungry and decided to cook the ribs. It appears his late night munchies may have saved his family’s life. His neighbor and her six-year-old child also managed to climb out of a window during the fire. They were taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.