Kim Davis video game lets players throw marriage applications at her

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Android users who don’t respect Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples now have a new way to let out their frustrations.

A game called Condemn Kim now lets players shower the Kentucky clerk from Rowan County with gay marriage applications.

The app was recently released in the Google Play Store, and according to its developers at Endless Spiral, it gives users an opportunity to “battle against bigotry and achieve equality for all.”

The description reads,

Join us in a battle for the ages. On one side of this virtual battle field littered with shredded paper and sadness, festers Kim an agent of civil discrimination. On the other side, the warriors of love, the soldiers of acceptance, and the army of equality.

While downloading Condemn Kim is free, like most app games, it offers several upgrades for purchase. These items cost between $0.99 and $1.99, and the company says 50 percent of the proceeds will go to LGBT-related charities.

Check out the clip below.