Omarion cancels appearance at club that discriminates against black women who are ‘too dark'

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Friday, Omarion appeared to take a stand against a London nightclub that was accused of discriminatory door policies by canceling his appearance at the venue.

On September 26th, Zalika Miller and four of her friends were denied access into a party at DSTRKT nightclub after a promoter told Miller that all black women at the event had to have a certain look.

When Miller asked what was unacceptable about the way her group was dressed, the promotor explained that she (as a biracial woman) looked fine, but that her friends were “too dark” and “overweight” to join her inside.

The exchange, which all happened via text message, was shared on social media and immediately sparked a protest; with many asking black celebrities booked for the club to cancel their appearances to show solidarity.

While Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend and aspiring actress Karrucehe Tran denounced the allegations of discrimination, she received backlash for still making an appearance at the venue. Former B2K frontman Omarion has perhaps taken a lesson from Tran’s missteps and decided to make his support clear by severing ties with DSTRKT altogether.

To date, the club has yet to apologize to any of the women involved in the incident or address concerns about their policies.