Driver stops bus just to give homeless man money

A bus driver from across the pond has reminded his community about the true meaning of the holiday spirit.

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A bus driver from across the pond has reminded his community of the true meaning of the holiday spirit.

Last month, Stephen Humphris, from Liverpool, England, pulled his bus over after he saw a homeless man asking for money on a rainy day.

He handed 5 British pounds (about $7.50) to a passenger and asked them to give it to the man on his behalf. The driver thought nothing of his gesture — however, his act of kindness touched the passenger, 27-year-old Faris Khalifa, so much the young man decided to help the driver get a bit of acknowledgment from the community.

According to a Facebook post, Khalifa reached out to local businesses and asked if they could donate gifts to give to the compassionate driver.

When Khalifa gave Humphris, who is also a veteran, the gifts, he was speechless, but then he made a request.

“He had something to give me first,” Khalifa said of Humphris. “He asked me if I could pass his old army sleeping bag to a homeless person if I was going back into town.”

Humphris’ humility and commitment to being of service to those on his route has inspired others in Liverpool to do the same.

“In these dark times around the world, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of negativity,” Khalifa wrote in his Facebook post. “I thought we would shine a light on something positive, someone great, make an example of someone who should be an example, lest we get lost in the dark.”