R. Kelly walks out of live interview with Huffington Post

Polarizing R&B singer R. Kelly has been literally begging people to buy his album, The Buffet, but this week, his aggressive promo tour apparently went left.

Monday, Kelly made an appearance on HuffPost Live to take part in a Q&A featuring questions from Twitter.

Given how merciless Black Twitter has been to the 48-year-old crooner in the past – using the social media platform to give ‘fans’ access to him seemed like a recipe for disaster; and it didn’t disappoint.

Out the gate, the segment seemed to focus on touchy subjects such as low album sales and lack of public support. However, when asked if he thought past allegations of sexual relations with minors made it hard for people to stand behind his music, Kelly became visibly defensive.

“I say f**k that,” he responded to a tweet that read, “Would I let R. Kelly babysit my daughter? F**k no.”

Eventually, the hot seat become too much for Kelz, and he walked off the live broadcast.

“I’m not perfect,” he said in parting, “but I’m perfectly me.”

Check out the tense exchange above.

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