Black Lives Matter sets up protests at Mall of America and Minneapolis Airport

Wednesday, the largest mall in America was put on lockdown as police dismantled what they are calling an “unlawful” Black Lives Matter demonstration.

Some retailers at the mall decided to close in anticipation of the rally, and authorities temporarily blocked off entrances. Hundreds of chanting protesters were ordered to leave the privately-owned mall by police in Bloomington.

Eventually, the protestors moved to the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport, and the entrance to one of the airport’s terminals was also obstructed. According to the airport’s social media account, the activists caused “significant traffic backups.”

Black Lives Matter explained on its Facebook page that they strategically chose to demonstrate at the nation’s largest mall  on one of the busiest shopping days of the year  to bring awareness to last month’s fatal police shooting of Jamar Clark, a young black man from the area.

A reporter for the Minneapolis StarTribune reported that officers escorted Jamar Clark’s cousin off the premises during the mall protest.

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