Whoopi Goldberg on The View: 'I'm an American! I'm not an African-American'

Well over a year after Raven-Symone received backlash for saying she is not African-American, her fellow The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg is now echoing what seem to be similar sentiments.

Tuesday, during a conversation about immigration, Joy Behar lightheartedly quipped that in light of Donald Trump’s bid for presidency, people may want to consider leaving America to seek refuge elsewhere.

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Goldberg instantly balked at the joke, declaring, “You know what uh uh! This is my country.”

“My mother, my grandmother, my great grand folks, we busted ass to be here,” she continued as the audience applauded. “I’m sorry. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American, I’m not a chick American, I’m an American.”


Not surprisingly, Raven-Symone excitedly chimed in, “I’m an American! I’ve been here too long to not just hold American.”

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“Since the 1700’s my people have been here,” the Oscar winner pointed out. “So I’m an American alongside of the Native Americans. That’s the bottom line.”

The audience and other co-hosts fell silent upon hearing that last statement, and Goldberg went to commercial break as Symone beamed at her.