Wendy Williams blasts Alyssa Milano during live interview for public breastfeeding: 'I don't need to see that'

Alyssa Milano described herself in an interview on The Wendy Williams Show as a "breastfeeding advocate," but Wendy Williams wants nothing to do with it...

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Alyssa Milano described herself in an interview on The Wendy Williams Show as a “breastfeeding advocate,” but Wendy Williams wants nothing to do with it.

Milano has posted multiple images of herself breastfeeding both her daughter, 16-month-old Isabella, and her son, 4-year-old Milo, and the images have already caused a stir on social media over how appropriate public breastfeeding should be.

Williams, it seems, fell heavily on the side of the debate that believes breastfeeding should be kept a private matter. “I don’t need to see that,” she said. “Because, I just don’t want to.”

“But would you eat under a blanket?” asked Milano. “Or would you…”

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“What I would do is I would go to the car…not on the bench in the front of the big box store,” Williams replied.

Milano shot back at Williams, asking her why it was okay for public images to show sexualized images of breasts but to disallow public breastfeeding, and Williams admitted that she viewed breasts as sexual.

“Breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time, [but] the rest of your life, your breasts are sexual things,” Williams said.

“But biologically, they’re not made for sexual things,” Milano countered. “That’s what we’ve done to them.”

When Williams argued that breasts were “fun bags,” Milano shot back with, “You’re lucky the baby’s not here. I’d whip ’em out right here and feed her on your show!”