Michelle Obama's birthday!: 52 memorable moments to celebrate the first lady's 52nd year

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First Lady Michelle Obama’s 52nd birthday is today! What better reason to celebrate a woman who has come into her prime in the public eye?

As a seasoned public administrator before ascending to the White House, Michelle Obama honed her skills as a servant who was always seeking to make her community better while still in Chicago.

After becoming First Lady at 44, she has taken that previously perfected role of service to even greater heights.

Using the power of her position to teach children to eat better and help military families who are struggling are just two of First Lady Michelle Obama’s many acts of caring. Over just a few years in the national arena, we have seen the First Lady grow into an even stronger leader, not letting the glare of the spotlight or the voices of her opponents stop her from living her best life while uplifting those in need.

And to top it off, Michelle Obama has done it all with a personal style that has inspired admirers and boosted the American fashion industry — by billions.

Michelle Obama’s birthday is the perfect time to remember how far she has come and how much she has accomplished as the nation’s first African-American first lady.

Her biography is so inspiring, we invite you to explore the slideshow timeline above as the perfect way to celebrate her birthday.