Trump spokeswoman defends call for ‘pure breed’ president

Sunday, Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson defended her call for a "pure breed" president in past tweets...

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Sunday, Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson defended her call for a “pure breed” president in past tweets.

Pierson told CNN host Brian Stelter she considers herself a “half-breed” like President Barack Obama.

She dismissed the criticism of her tweets as “silliness.”

In 2012, Pierson tweeted tweeted what some considered offensive remarks concerning candidates that year, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. She said both candidates were “half-breed” because one of their parents did not come from the United States.

Stelter asked her if she would like to retract her statement, she said:

No, not at all. These tweets — I’m an activist and I am a half-breed. I’m always getting called a half-breed. And on Twitter when you’re fighting with liberals and even establishment, you go back at them in the same silliness they are giving you.

“So, I myself am a half-breed,” Pierson continued. “We have entered silly season. Donald Trump is up in the polls. There’s desperate campaigns out there, they can’t take him down so they try to take down the people that are around him. And we’re just not going to get distracted by all that nonsense.”